How to Become A Freelance Recruiter – There are so many reasons why people decide to do a part time job. They have more free time and can choose any kinds of jobs they would like to act. Among a number of freelance jobs that you can take, there is one that very simply happily to be did. It is a freelance recruiter.

Basically, this job cooperates with particular corporation. You are working to find the best employee to their company. In this case, you are able to do your job in your own home. You can benefit smartphone and computer to expand your work, of course you also need an internet connection.

Well if you already have all that things, how do you start the job? Here, look into this article and you will know the way how to become a freelance recruiter.

1. Enhance Your Knowledge About Recruitment

Recruitment skill

If you want to be a freelance recruiter, absolutely you must have recruiting knowledge. It is the basic that lead to this job. Because you have to find the proper employee, you need to master about the knowledge of human resource jobs out there. To gain the necessary knowledge, you can join assorted recruiting training. It helps you a lot. Besides, you can also collect the information from several websites. It works to enhance your knowledge.

2. Decide Your Focus

Decide Your Focus

When you already had the credible knowledge, the next way how to become a freelance recruiter is you need to decide your focus. Choose one particular domain that you feel you are fitting in. for instance, you can work for healthcare, manufacturing, sales and marketing, Telecom corporation. By focusing on one particular domain only, by the time you will grow up and get lots of experiences. Thus, it works to help you become an expert so you indirectly build your name up.

3. Decide the Type of Your Candidates

After you find your own focus, the next step is you should decide the type of your candidates. You have to be a professional freelance recruiter by drawing the appropriate standards to candidates you will promote to your clients. It helps you to select the best candidates that applied to you easily.

Besides, it will convince your clients that you have proactiveness, interest, and sincerity to this job. A good impression will make your clients consider you for long term vision.

4. Specify the Engagement Model

Generally, you can choose one of two payment types. The first is retainer. It is a monthly payment which involves you to look for a certain number of candidates of months or a year. This is exactly a flat amount. On the other hand, the client commonly owes you a particular percentage of a full-time recruiter of salary with the agreement that has signed.

Freelance recruiter

The other is contingency model. The payment is depending on a case by case in which usually you will be paid 25 to 50 percent of the candidates’ annual salary. However, it is counted if you find an employee for a permanent position. Hence, make sure that the engagement model will be profitable for you.

Those are the four ways how to become a freelance recruiter you have to consider. Hope that it will assist you to be a successful recruiter. Good luck!