How to Be a Freelance Artist – If you have a drawing art skill and want to make money from it, exactly everything is capable. Then, what step you have to take? Quit your current job? The answer will be depending on yourself.

It can be yes, if you wish for devoting your life to this kind of job. But, it may be no, when you still need fixed income and think art is just your hobby. You can be a freelance artist which the time work is more flexible so thus you can do anything else in the same period. Accordingly, the followings steps lead you to be a freelance artist:

1. Make a Business Plan

 Business Plan
Business Plan

The first step of how to be a freelance artist is making a business plan. It helps you to guide your business whether you design it for long term or short term. Why should you do this first? It is clear to make everything well prepared so the realization will far better as well.

In this case, you need to detail the type of art you will draw, the fund you need, the marketing strategy, the network, and the place to show up your works. Also, you should consider the income from this job meets your need so you can enlight the burden. But, it seems like not a big deal for you who take it for a hobby only or who have an ideal vision.

2. Prepare The Equipment

 Freelance Artist
Freelance Artist

The next step of how to be a freelance artist is you must prepare the equipment you need. You can check your current equipment to reduce the expenditure. In case of equipment, it is better if you think its quality so the result will be great. Yet, make sure that you have provided the adequate equipment to produce your works.

3. Found Your Business

If you already have well plan and sufficient equipment, now is the time to establish your real business. It absolutely needs the watermark of your business so people can remember your works easily.

Social media promoting ways
Social media

Then you should may legitimize your business to convince your clients that you are a serious freelancer but, it tends to be optional for you. Besides, establishing your business means you need a studio to present your works.

However, as internet takes a big role in our life, everything goes easier today. If you think designing a studio is difficult, you can start to show up your works by social media. On the other hand, social media can also be benefited to promote your works in a wider network.

4. Use Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is significant for developing your business. You can probably try to offer assorted products and services like digital and print photographs, paintings, or ceramics. In addition, you can also apply the strategic price to every works you offer. The easy payment system and invoice will also help both you and your clients manage the finance. Moreover, to build the credibility and trust to your clients, you can make a portfolio that show your signatur style.

marketing startegy
marketing startegy

Being a freelance artist is actually easy. You can just view those 4 steps of how to be a freelance artist. Even so you still have to determine several aspects in your life in order to make your decision more precious. Good luck everybody!