How to Be A Freelance Marketing Consultant – You have marketing educational background and ability of graphic design but you do not want to work for a company? Don’t worry, you can still make money by working for yourself. Yap, you can be a freelance marketing consultant which is working based on your independent basis and for the clients you look for by your own.

Thus, the time work is more flexible. You can also do your job in your home even for some cases you probably need to come to the office of your client. However, it is not a big deal, right? So, what is exactly you need to do to be a freelance marketing? Here, 5 tips how to be a marketing consultant:

1. Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Freelance Marketing Consultant
Freelance Marketing Consultant

In general, marketing is all about understanding what the customer thought. Thus, communication skills will be important to fit influence them. There are many ways you can do to sharpen your communication skills. However, experience takes a big part to polish that. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try to communicate with various people.

You can also get many information about marketing from books and websites. Likewise, a degree to back your skill will help you a lot as well. Even to be a marketing consultant doesn’t need bachelor degree, but it is good to add in your portfolio and the opportunity to get more clients are bigger.

2. Draw an Impressive Portfolio

Draw Impressive Portfolio

Another important thing to deal with freelance marketing consultant is having an impressive portfolio. Make it as attractive as possible and don’t forget to provide the contact person. You can input your portfolio to LinkedIn website or so forth to make it easier to be found. Yet, insert the testimonial of your previous clients to convince your potential clients.

3. Decide Your Focus

You can work for various fields or industry, but the specifier field will lighten your works. For instance, you can work for fashion, foods, or entertainment industry. In addition, you may take a role as a copywriter, content writer, social media or community management, or search engine optimization.

You can decide it based on your interest and expertise so the result will be more fantastic and thus the clients will trust to you. Moreover, by working depends on your niche, you may sharpen your skills so that you can be an expert.

4. Promote Yourself

Freelance Portfolio

Don’t wait for the job comes to you. Go outside and promote yourself. Benefit the portal online to discover the job opportunities. Send them your proposal and portfolio. You can also benefit he social media to promote yourself. Show the society off your great works. Don’t forget to offer affordable price or create the strategical price marketing to attract clients. It works to grow up your business.

5. Act like a businessman

If you are a freelance, it means that you work by yourself. Thus, just act like a businessman who can manage your own company and don’t treat yourself like an employee. Be wise and discipline about the time as well as the work. Never do delaying your work because it will decrease your clients’ trust.

That is all 5 tips of how to be freelance marketing consultant successfully. Wish that it brings the light to your mind. Good luck!