How to become a freelance illustrator – Illustrator is a job for a people with an ability sense of art. It is a special talent that only a few of people have. Therefore, having only ability sense of art will not make you to be a good freelance illustrator.

Freelance illustrator needs a particular steps and hard work to be success in its profession. It requires many years and try to observe as many others illustrators to gain experience as much as possible. Furthermore, what are those steps and the tips about how to become a freelance illustrator? It will be explained above.

1. Focus on Your Own Style

 A Freelance Illustrator
A Freelance Illustrator

Be brave with your own style of illustration. Believe in yourself that your work is better than anyone else. Therefore, if there is a client who asks for an illustration and they want an illustration of someone else works, you can show them yours.

You can do this if you already sure that your work is surely better than that, that is why your skill of art must be good and trusted. Therefore, if the client chooses your illustration instead, then you will be more rewarded as a professional freelance illustrator.

2. Keep Going

how to be A Freelance Illustrator
how to be A Freelance Illustrator

Always keep in mind that you are working a freelance illustrator only as a side job. Do not expect to be famous or successful in the world of freelance, just keep going and the successful will come by itself. Moreover, this method also makes you focus on your work and will never hurt you whenever you fail in your project. It is a good mindset to make you neutral and motivates you to be more creative.

3. Do Not Do Anything for Free

This is necessary to be a freelance illustrator, you have to be always paid for your work. There are always people that want you to do their request without paying. They will say that it is good for your experience of being illustrator or something else.

dont do anything for free
dont do anything for free

Do not trust it. That is not going to improve your skill or even your way of being successful at all. Keep your price at your beginning of your profession as a freelance illustrator. In other side, you have to make sure that your skill is already good enough to be used,

4. Increase Your Rates/Prices

You have to increase your rates every year or every two years. It shows that your profession is getting more progressive too. If your old clients come to you and ask for an old rate, tell them that it is no longer applied.

Therefore, you have to announce your price every time you update it. So, your client will not be surprised and know your newest rates.

That’s all some steps and tips about how to become a freelance illustrator. Those are truthfully information from the experienced freelance illustrator. Moreover, hopefully this article can help your way of becoming a successful freelance illustrator. Thank you and goodbye.