How to Write A Freelance Writing Pitch – The presence of blog allows people to share about anything such as lifestyle, entertainment, health, and so on. Additionally, beside it becomes the way people distribute their writing hobby, it can also earn you some profit.

Thus, many people love to manage their blog routinely. However, it is also important to you to learn about writing pitch since it will make your writing more attractive and get the attention from the editor so you can enhance your career. Here some tips of how to write a freelance writing pitch:

1. Find the Target

The first thing you should do is finding the target publication you are interesting in. make sure that it is a convenient editor of a right publication online. You can try to look for from Twitter. If you already discovered what you fit in.

A Freelance Writing Pitch

Then, you may observe them first to adjust with their vision so you can write the story based on what they want. Moreover, don’t forget to search his contact person like email or anything to else so you can call him whenever you are ready with your pitch writing.

2. Seize Their Notice

The next is seizing their attention. It can be done when you send them an email. Try to write attractive words and catchy headline in the subject of email you are sent thus they can be interested. It is also a good idea if you try to provide a click bite to grab their notice.

Pitch aboutTaylor Swift

For instance, a headline “Pitch: Taylor Swift Betrays Me” is definitely take an attention rather than just write down “Pitch: Taylor Swift”. Yet, an email pitch should be written in a brief. Attempt to reveal your pitch in two to three paragraphs only.

3. Consider Several Points

Try to make your pitch as simple as possible. However, consider that it has already covered several points. First, a possible headline. It is better if you provide the headline even the editor may change it.

Second, be clear about your stance in your idea either you are pro or cons. This will make your writing directed so what you are talking about can be understood. Third, keep your head to reveal the important part of your pitch.

It works to convince the editor that what you are writing is worth to be read. It can involve the social issues, unique stories, or stories that provide a lesson for society.

4. Make it Simple and Straight to the Point

Most of people like simple writing instead of long writing. This also should be applied in your pitch writing. The section where you illustrate what is happened and why it is important should be should be no longer than one or two paragraphs.

Straight to the Point
Straight to the Point

Remember that you also need to decide what is the format of your pitch writing. It is an essay, interview, or list.  Yet, you can let the editor recognize about the information sources in your story. Likewise, checking the spelling, grammar, facts and tone are also important.

Those are 4 tips how to write a freelance pitch writing. Don’t forget to attach your portfolio while you send them your pitch writing as well as the due of retracting your pitch writing so you can send them to another editor.